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The Morrison Government are ripping money away from people struggling. It’s time they paid it back.

Photo of Stuart Robert, Linda Reynolds and Anne Ruston

As Ministers for Government Services and Social Services, they’ve gotten away with dealing out countless unfair Centrelink debts to people on income support for years.

First there was the unlawful Robodebt, which continues in various forms.1 And now, 11,771 JobKeeper debts — despite the scheme being error-riddled and misleading, and despite profitable companies being let off the hook.2

In Australia’s cruel welfare system, punishment and accountability always falls to people on income support, and never on Ministers like Stuart Robert, Linda Reynolds, and Anne Ruston.

So we’re turning the tables on them. Just like Roberts, Reynolds, and Ruston have done to hundreds of thousands of us, we’ve duly recorded their breaches to the responsibility they have to us, the public. And we’re putting them on notice for the enormous debt they owe.

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24 September 2021
Dear Mr. Stuart Robert, Ms. Linda Reynolds, and Ms. Anne Ruston
Important information about a debt you owe

As Ministers for Government Services and Social Services, you’ve been directly responsible for countless cruel and unjust policies that have harmed the public.

For too long, you’ve acted with impunity, creating unfair debts and clawing pennies from people struggling. Now, it's time to pay it back.

Why you are receiving this debt:
  1. Reason 1
  2. Reason 2
  3. Reason 3
What you need to do:
  1. Pay back $32.8 million — the total of all JobKeeper debts — to welfare recipients immediately.
  2. Immediately pause all Centrelink debts until transparent audit of all issued debts is conducted, then repay all unfair debts.
  3. Commit to an Inquiry into the Robodebt disaster, including disclosing advice given to the government on the legality of the scheme.
What you need to know:
If you don’t pay down your debt in time, we’ll pursue action in your own electorates.
Yours sincerely,
Your name,
In solidarity with everyone who has received a Centrelink debt
TOTAL: $32,800,000.00
Authorised by Paul Oosting, GetUp, Sydney.
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  • [2] ‘Centrelink chasing 11,000 welfare recipients over $32m in 'pandemic-related debts'’, ABC News, 16 August 2021.
  • [3] ‘Robert claims credit for Robodebt change, despite ignoring problems’, The New Daily, 18 November 2020.